The CZ-52 is an interesting pistol, chambered for the blisteringly fast 7.62x25mm Tokarev round. It's got a comparable look to a 9mm, but it kicks like a 45. The round has a muzzle velocity similar to that of a rifle or submachine gun. Full metal jacket rounds at that speed will penetrate most soft body armor; this is not due to any armor-piercing design, but rather simple speed. Notice, when zooming in on the picture, that the round itself is a necked-down cartridge, like a rifle cartridge - or a 5.7mm. It's probably the closest thing on the civilian market to a 5.7mm round like what the Tactical-57 and P-90 use.

If you want to do some reading on this interesting pistol, check out's CZ-52 page.

I just received my Hogue wooden grip for the CZ-52, and I personally think it's beautiful - but you can judge for yourself. As for wood, I chose the Pau Ferro. And just to calm down the purists out there, not only did I take before and after pics, but I also made sure I saved the original bakelite grips in the Hogue container that the wood grips came in. Purely from a visual perspective, I strongly recommend these grips to anyone owning a CZ-52 with aged or beaten up bakelite. Not only are you able to prevent the bakelite from getting any more worn than it probably already is, but the pistol looks just plain beautiful with the wood grips. It's $60 that makes it look like a pistol worth a lot more.