The CZ-75B is nice for a 9mm. I'm aware NOW that there's a 40cal version which I could've purchased, but when I ordered it I wasn't. I purchased it strictly so that I could install the CZ Kadet adaptor, which is a .22 caliber slide. I love the Czech engineering, however. Check out's CZ-75 page for more details.

The ammo in the top-left corner is Federal Hydra-Shok, a common law enforcement choice. Then the ammo to the right is Winchester SXT, which is essentially Black Talon reworked to a copper finish from what I understand. Then the box to the bottom left, marked "Law Enforcement Ammunition", is Ranger SXT, which from what I understand is the original Black Talon design right down to the finish. No, it's not illegal to have this ammo (federally, or even in CA) - the "LEO" marking is because I understand Winchester has a corporate policy of breaking ties with any ammo distributor which sells these to non law enforcement personnel.

Although I'm pretty sure it's no more gruesome than Hydra-Shok, and probably even less so due to the Hydra-Shok's penetrator core, I don't load Ranger SXTs in my '75. I think it's cool, nifty stuff to keep locked up in my gun safe, as you can see in the other photos, and the '75 stays loaded with Hydra-Shoks.