This is my Yusoslavian type 59/66A1 SKS. Supposedly the nifty flip-up night sights on the back of the distance sights mean it's an A1. It came with a muzzle brake attached, which adds some length and makes it look nicer than a hacksaw job. California is under the impression that a grenade launcher, even if it's of the type where you screw on a grenade and fire a blank round through the rifle itself, is a horrible thing. Frankly, I wouldn't worry about the guy who hasn't hacksawed off his barrel, I would worry about the guy who actually bothers getting a grenade to use with it. Anyway, my intention with this rifle was, and still is, to configure it as a medium-range accuracy rifle - medium range meaning maybe some day I'll see if it can plink at 300 or so with any reasonable accuracy. Right now it's more accurate than I am, so I'm not too worried about it.

So, I put it into a Monte Carlo stock so that it doesn't have one of those "evil" pistol grips that California is so up in arms about.

Then I added the nifty Norinco dust cover replacement which replaces the dust cover with one that has a scope mount welded on, and configured it with a very basic 4x scope, cheap but effective at distances that an SKS is likely to be effective at in the first place. My first bipod however, was one of those which clamps onto the barrel. After the first 120 rounds, it was almost falling off the barrel and I ordered the new bayonet-lug-mounted bipod when I got home from the range. I haven't shot it yet, but it seems to be a lot more secure than the original. I also ordered a black nylon carry sling for it, simply because it looks right with the rifle and there's an arm wrapping trick to give some slight increase in stability when shooting freehand, that you just plain can't do without a sling.