These pictures are from the New Year's party over at the Samter household. I was not only the official camera guy, but also the only non-drinker there. This lead to many, many entertaining photos over the course of the evening. I was particularly fond of the expressions on peoples' faces after taking shots. As a non-drinker, I have GOT to say... if it tastes that bad, why are you putting it in your mouths? :)

Anyway, that evening I took 2.1 gigabytes of images and video, and ran through almost all of my camera's battery power. Which is pretty impressive, considering I brought a fully charged spare battery. Around 700 megs of photos got deleted for being out of focus, repetitive, or just plain uninteresting. The remaining 1.4 gigs' worth are here for your viewing pleasure. Click any category below that you want to go down into (Alcohol and GreatExpressions, I think, came out the best), and any time you want to see a photo in greater detail, just click it to zoom in. To go back, use the back button on your web browser.

The videos are too large to post until I get them re-encoded at a smaller file size - I may or may not bother, depending on how much folks want them. There were two short videos of folks setting their drinks on fire and then, well, drinking them - and then there were two more, infrared (too dark for visible light) videos of folks dancing. I didn't capture any magnificent moments there in video, certainly nothing up to the standards of my skydiving pelican video that I haven't uploaded yet either.

And for anyone who's wondering about the camera, it's a Sony Cybershot F-828 camera with a 4G Hitachi microdrive, and Linux all the way for photo management.