In this world, free speech does not exist, and never has.
But cheap speech is the next best thing.

My name is Sean Newton - aka grammaton76, and this is my online lurking place.

If you happen to be looking for my firearms related writings, you'll find them at GunWiki.

Or, if you're not particularly interested in guns, you might be more interested in my other (pronounced as 'sprawling, disorganized') wiki,

I'm taking a stab at turning this into an actual personal website as opposed to a resume site. Bear in mind, this is the first time I've really had an interest in a personal site since 1995, when I was sticking HTML on the VAX/VMS server at APSU and giving the directory locations to other students as a local-only website. Ah, yes, for the days when Lynx was the web browser of choice, and the campus solution to pornography was just to use serial terminals that can't display graphics. Students would learn more if we'd go back to those days, you know?

You'll also notice that although this page is basically under construction, I'm not about to be lame and put up an under construction sign. What's the point? A website is like a MUD: when you finally finish it, that only means you died.