2004-09-04: Adventures in Moving

So, although U-Haul's more expensive than Penske, etc, they have one thing going for them: they're ubiquitous and maintain enough equipment to actually have moving trucks on a holiday weekend. I picked up a 24' U-Haul truck on 72 hours' notice, which proved to be fun and entertaining to drive. Considering that not everything from the house could fit into it, I do kind of wish I'd paid for the 28 footer. Had the stuff around the house been packed up properly before hand though, there probably wouldn't have been problems getting it into the truck. The gas tanks on that thing were even more fun and entertaining to feed, considering that it only got 10 miles per gallon.

I moved probably about half of the stuff into the van on my own, including the chairs, dressers, and most of the other furniture. Nicole showed up in the afternoon to help, which was much appreciated - she almost single handedly packed all the books. Brian didn't get in until after nightfall, due to his work schedule - gotta love companies being 'understanding' about things such as moving.

It was probably around 9pm or so before we got on the road for the new place, and between the three of us it only took 45 minutes or so to unload the truck. After it was all over with, I drove the truck back up to Oceanside and dropped it off, just before midnight as I recall, and slept in a chair at the house in Oceanside.