Ok, this is the entry I'm writing two weeks after the posted date. Simply put, I bought a Tatung 42" plasma TV, as an open box item from Tweeter. It's the envy of many friends, and has resulted in many, many movie viewings being held at my place.

You can see it here, from the front or side. It's an EDTV, as opposed to HDTV. EDTV is only Extended Def, but it does provide a DVD-quality image and looks absolutely great plugged into a computer's VGA output. One of these days I may hook up a DVI cable to it, but for the time being, the VGA Out is fine with me. My linux box plays back video on it quite nicely - particularly since Mplayer supports 16:9 aspect ratio correction on monitors. That way I don't have to set up any fancy Xwindows resolutions for correct scaling.