2005-01-31: Range day

So, this was the first range run of '05. Lost an hour and a half thanks to a traffic light going out on Genesee (sp?), so I wound up being 35 minutes late to the range. Had a great time - we had 6 people, for a total tab of $96. The Range Rabbi was there with his group, which was cool - haven't seen him in months. From his collection, I got to fire a 303 Enfield with a very nice, large scope on it. Beautiful rifle, and I enjoyed planting that round in the center of the chest from a standing position. Too bad the ammo's kinda tough to come by these days.

I managed to do pretty well with my Mosin-Nagant 91/30, planting a fairly tight group in the center of the silhouette target at the 75' line. I made a decision to switch to shooting handguns at the third line, and shot some pretty good groups. This is probably the best I've done in a few months. Thanks to being short on time, I didn't bring all the weapons I'd normally have brought. Specifically, I didn't bring my M590 or either SKS. I did, however, bring along the Mosin-Nagant and the PAR-1. The Para P-14 was definitely the crowd favorite, however the Desert Eagle (in 50 cal, of course) was a close second.

FirearmMaintenance notesActions taken
Desert EagleClean gas piston, re-oil1/31/05 Cleaned
Para P-14Perfect performance as alwaysNone required
CZ-97BReplace barrel bushing and recoil spring, clean/oil action1/31/05 Cleaned
2/02/05 Sprinco system ordered
2/03/05 Barrel bushing ordered
CZ-75BClean; perfect performance1/31/05 Cleaned
PAR-1Not fired much, no issuesNone required
Mosin-Nagant 91/30No failures, stiff bolt. Clean/oil.Pending.