2005-02-11: MP3.com Reunion

So, Kaushik and Soma decided to brave the horrendous traffic from Pasadena to San Diego. The destination was Spicy City, which is a little Thai and other stuff place on Convoy. The pictures are here, and the spice quotient of the food was rather nice. The Don-Don (sp?) noodles were one of the hotter dishes, and needed no further 'enhancement'. However, I was given a glass jar of additional pepper to use on anything I felt needed the kick, which can be seen in the bottom right corner here. I've come to the conclusion that I must be deficient on spice receptors in my mouth or something, as nothing I ingested managed to create genuine agony. Of course, this is why I keep a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce in the refrigerator. Any time I start to get an ego about spice tolerance, a little bit of Dave's is all it takes to return to the real world. On the other hand, the stuff at Spicy City was indeed quite flavorful.

On a side note, the value of a 28mm equivalent setting on my camera's lens was brought to my attention while the group photos down below in this gallery were taken. My former co-worker Scott's Fuji S-7000 camera is very nice and very good, but it has a physically smaller lens, and thus its 35mm "wide open" angle isn't as wide as the 28mm my camera opens up to. The waitress taking these pictures shot these two with my camera, then discovered she needed to step back farther with Scott's and backed up into a chair, nearly falling over in the process. I'm only glad this educational comparison was not made somewhere it would be more ominous, say at the Grand Canyon. [thud]

Ok, now that I've done a bit of reading, I'm a bit amused. I didn't realize that Dave's was meant as a cooking ingredient, rather than applied directly to food. Oh well, it's still getting smuggled into Pick-Up Stix when Mathai and I go. It's the ideal countermeasure to when the request for "extra spicy" turns into basically just a little dab of Srihacha sauce being added.