2005-02-23: Firearms and California - Legal ramblings

I've finally gotten around to starting to make inquiries on my next military surplus rifle. If the DOJ says yes, I'll be picking up an inexpensive Egyptian semi-auto called the Hakim, which I first became aware of during the Del Mar gun show. It looks fairly comparable to the M1 Garand in terms of overall capability, but I believe it's what happens when the Egyptians say, "We like mausers, but we want a semi auto with a detachable mag." You can also get high-capacity magazines for Hakims (the mind boggles at the thought of a 30rd detachable mag of 8mm mauser), but of course not in CA. The fact that people are making hi-caps though, tells me that it should also be possible to get 10-round mags fairly easily. While the power of the 8mm mauser is an inordinately poor choice for tactical usage in a trailer park, it'd be fun to play with at the range. And hey, if zombies ever invade, it'll be able to shoot through entire lines of them.
Update (2-24-05): The DOJ said, 'The Hakim Rifle is not listed in the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapon Act. As pictured on the website your provided, it does not appear to have the characteristics listed in PC 12276.1.'. This is really good news. So, then I looked at JG Sales, where I wanted to order it from (and it was only $450, vs the $550 at the gun show). Apparently it already got sold, probably to someone who just walked in, said, "Cool gun, I'll take it", and walked right back out with it.
Update (2-28-05): Hit Feb 28th for how I did end up buying a Hakim for $399.95, rather than $450.

Down below on the page is another rifle which might make a really interesting project gun: the Rashid. It's the Egyptian answer to the SKS, but it's not an SKS - thus the CA law prohibiting "SKS with detachable magazine" may not apply. It does have a detachable magazine though, and I'm also asking the DOJ about it. You don't see them up for sale much, but if the DOJ says it's ok, I may start watching for them.
Update (2-24-05): The DOJ said, 'The SKS rifle with a detachable magazine is specifically listed in the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapon Act. "Look-a-like" firearms (not named in Roberti-Roos) would only be considered under the characteristics of PC 12276.1.'. Due to the lack of other "evil assault weapon" features on the Rashid, it seems to be safe. Due to its extreme visual resemblance to the SKS, I've inquired if they consider any sources for firearms classification to be canonical. I want to know whether or not, if some obscure publication calls it an SKS, I can rely on a mainstream publication's classification to constitute safety from that classification.
Update (2-25-05): CA reassures me they don't consider the Rashid to be an SKS. This doesn't instill me with a HUGE amount of confidence, but I asked a gunsmith if the SKS and Rashid have anything beyond appearance in common (as in, interchangeable parts). I think the guy mistook my question for asking if I can use SKS parts to repair one: 'Sorry to say they share nothing more in common not even the mag.'. I'll feel reasonably confident resting a non-SKS classification on that, with the DOJ comment regarded as expert waffling.

A response from a previous DOJ inquiry: Consignment guns are considered private party transfers in the state of CA. Therefore, a dealer offering used consignment guns NOT on the DOJ "safe" list is in somewhat gray territory, although I imagine it gets done all the time. I saw a dealer selling a Desert Eagle with a 6" 440 Cor-Bon barrel at the last gun show; the DE is only approved "safe" as configured with a 44 magnum barrel. If the consignee was in fact a CA resident, he was in the clear.

I also learned that you can move into the state with a collection of non DOJ approved weapons (provided none of them are classified as assault weapons; they just don't have to have been drop tested), and then sell them via private party transfers. However, you would have to be careful not to sell so many that you could be considered in the business of selling firearms, and the sales would have to be processed through a California FFL holder. However, both buyer and seller must be California residents / license holders at the time of the sale. However, due to the license prohibition, you can't - say - have an out of state friend buy you an FN 57, then sell it to you through an approved FFL holder the next time he's visiting CA. There go my dreams of FN 57 ownership, unless they get drop tested and CA approved before '06, when they'd have to be equipped with a loaded chamber indicator or mag disconnect safety in order to be eligible for listing.

That having been said, I know I haven't put my current "will buy eventually" list on here yet. So, here we go:

CZ-2075 RAMI2006~$450?If I get a CCW for any state while living in CA.
Para Limited P-162006~$950?1911 feel, 40cal recoil
CZ-75B 40cal2006~$450?It's a CZ. Need I say more?

Hakim$450Detachable-mag 8mm mauser.
Rashid$???Detachable-mag 7.62x39mm.
PAR-3$198Pump-action AK in .223, periodically on sale at Turner's
SU-16$550Closest thing to an AR-15 that CA allows.
SVT-40$???Detachable-mag 7.62x54r semi-auto.
M1919~$1600Belt-fed semi-auto converted heavy machine gun.
Kinda like my Martin grandfather's weapon in WW2.
SA Socom~$1800Fancy semi-auto in M1 family.