2005-02-28: Fun With Auctions

So, my Gunbroker wheeling and dealing has resulted in my purchasing a Hakim rifle, serial number 941, for $399.95. I realize that many folks would scoff at this, but frankly in CA it's really cheap for a semi-auto detachable-mag rifle. It also fires a very large bullet, although I still want a larger caliber detachable-mag rifle. As my good friend Kaushik pointed out, I want a gun that shoots "carnage bullets". I only have to figure out what exactly constitutes a carnage bullet, and where I can find a semi-auto rifle with a detachable mag that shoots them. Right now, I have really happy thoughts whenever I think about the 438 Cheytac, but good luck finding a CA-legal rifle that shoots those.

The actual rifle I purchased is visible here. It was a very close race between this rifle and the one with an excellent condition bore (as opposed to 'very good'). The gun nut in me was screaming to buy both, but frankly a "very good" bore probably still exceeds my skill level within the distance I've got to shoot at, and the low serial number adds collection value.

This is the part where I stop spending money on guns for a while again. A bit ago, I won one auction on parts for my VZ-52 (new handguard), and I've talked the seller into price-matching with E-Gunparts.com on a spare magazine for it. I'm also currently the high bidder on a barrel+receiver for the VZ-52, which is going to have to go through an FFL holder. This barrel is also chambered in 7.62x45mm, but will probably be the recipient of a conversion kit to 7.62x39mm, at which point this barrel and receiver will be going onto my rifle. I just want to ensure that I can restore it to its original 7.62x45mm configuration if I do the conversion. I may not be great at backing up my data, but I do make backups of my firearms.

Whether or not I win the barrel+receiver auction, I feel that my gun projects / purchases budget is taken care of for a bit.